Students in the YST Trumpet Studio receive holistic training in solo, chamber and orchestral performance. In our deliberately small and highly-selective studio, students benefit from intensive personal attention, as well as team-taught courses tapping the entire Brass faculty’s expertise. Students will further build their capabilities in the areas of community engagement, brass pedagogy, and musical leadership.


YST is a regular host to world-acclaimed brass artists in masterclass and concert settings, and has developed ongoing relationships with a number of internationally recognised chamber ensembles. Recent Visiting Artists in Brass have included Joseph Burgstaller, James Morrison, Bill Williams and the Boston Brass. There are extensive opportunities for students to work with leading artists and organisations in Singapore and the region.



In YST’s state-of-the-art facilities, students work individually with their Major teacher to build performance excellence, which is reinforced through weekly studio classes and online self-reflection, and supported by their community of student-colleagues. The Brass curriculum also builds professional skills, from the fundamentals of professional brass-playing to readings of core orchestral repertoire and preparation for orchestral auditions. These studies are accompanied by regular performance opportunities, including junior and senior recitals, as well as involvement in the YST’s vibrant calendar of events.


All brass players also perform regularly with our large ensembles – the Conservatory Orchestra, and the Conservatory’s contemporary music ensemble OpusNovus, which expose students to the music of the 18th through 21st centuries. Through chamber music class, students can proactively explore small ensemble music-making under the guidance of chamber coaches. Brass ensemble engagement has often inspired our students to explore community and outreach projects in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Elective courses allow student further avenues to develop personal interests and strengths – some examples have included composition from a brass perspective, advanced brass chamber music and entrepreneurship, and brass pedagogy.


At YST, our student selection criteria evaluates a range of factors in an application portfolio, including the candidate’s intellectual aptitude, curiosity, energy, artistic drive, relationship with people, linguistic proficiency and personal qualities that will contribute value to the cohort.

In addition to seeking the best emerging musical talents locally and in the region, our audition process is tailored to discover aspiring applicants with potential for developing a viable future professional and artistic identity.


Beyond evident current capacity in the applicant’s Major field, we explore how our programme resonates with them.