“Grace, composed by Rolf Løvland of Secret Garden, has been a very special song to me for many years; but I never truly understood it’s power and universal resonance until the COVID-19 pandemic came upon us. To me, it provides the ideal soundtrack for these times; beginning with it’s nostalgic and melancholic simplicity and slowly building to a triumphant and inspirational G major cadence.

My goal was to capture the sudden feelings of anxiety, solitude, and loss of identity/purpose that COVID-19 has caused us; how we have all somehow learned to live and cope with these feelings amongst breathtaking loss; and how it is my hope that we will all emerge hand-in-hand with a newfound sense of unity and equality as well as a firm recognition of our fragility. I also wanted to express how none of this would have been possible without the courage of both the medical and mental health professionals on the frontlines of this pandemic as our guiding light.

My deepest thanks to Rolf Løvland for such a deeply inspiring piece of music. Also my utmost gratitude to Sijing Zhang and Beatrice Lin for their beautiful playing and steadfast support of this project.

This has been one of the most satisfying artistic endeavours of my entire life to both produce and share with you all. I hope that you find it to be as moving and cleansing to watch as I have found it to create. Please enjoy and share this cinematic tribute to the frontline workers of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Jim Stephenson’s “Fanfare For An Angel”

Jim Stephenson’s “Vaccin-A-tude” with Beatrice Lin, piano.  Piano part composed by Beatrice Lin.

Charlier Etude 11 “Fantasie”

Charlier No. 12 “Etude Moderne”

Jon Dante: “I Play Yamaha” Promo